Our History

The History Timeline of the Beulah Baptist Church

Through much prayer and dedication, the Beulah Baptist Church has not only grown but is thriving and indeed blessed of God! The history and growth of Beulah is succinctly chronicled here through our pastoral leadership.

IN THE BEGINNING in the fall of 1915, the founders of the Beulah Baptist Church had the spirit of God move upon their hearts to begin worshiping God for themselves. They met in the homes of one another until they were able to perform services in a church. The members purchased land to build the church on then Wilmer Street in Steelton in 1917 and the church was completed in 1922. Reverend Louis Willoughby served as the first official Pastor of Beulah in 1917. Reverend Willoughby served as Pastor until his passing in 1945. After the passing of Reverend Willoughby, the members elected Reverend Wallace C. Carter. Reverend Carter served as Pastor until his passing in 1963. After the passing of Reverend Carter, Reverend Josephus C. Wallace became Interim Pastor in 1963.  

Reverend Wallace was elected as Pastor in February 1964. During the pastorate of Reverend Wallace, the church located in the Borough of Steelton’s Redevelopment area was demolished and had to relocate. Land was purchased on Wood Street in Steelton and the church was built and completed two years later at 860 Wood Street. On Easter Sunday April 13, 1966, Beulah held its first worship service. The ten-year mortgage held on the church was paid off and burned in five years in 1971. Due to health reasons, Reverend Wallace resigned as Pastor in March 1990 and served as Pastor Emeritus until his passing in December 1990. After Reverend Wallace’s resignation, a Pulpit Committee was formed to find a new Pastor for Beulah.

While Beulah was without a Shepherd, several Ministers in the area served Beulah by preaching on Sundays. A new call was given to Reverend Dr. Leon X. Eichelberger, I who would begin serving as the newly elected Pastor of Beulah in February 1991. Reverend Eichelberger was installed as the Pastor in June 1991. Many structural improvements were made to the church on Wood Street. Additionally, the membership grew as given reverence to the Holy Spirit. Reverend Eichelberger had a vision to move from Wood Street to a new edifice on Livingston where we currently worship. After a brief march from Wood Street to Livingston Street, the first worship service was held on September 19, 1999. Two years later, the existing mortgage was burned on October 14, 2001. Reverend Eichelberger continued overseeing structural improvements and new Ministries for the body of Christ throughout his tenure. Also during his tenure, there were members licensed under Reverend Eichelberger, Deacons were ordained to the Ministry, and new Trustees were added to the Ministry.   Reverend Eichelberger served Beulah for 20 years before his retirement, serving as Pastor until Sunday, September 25, 2011.

Reverend Nathan A. Brown served as Interim Pastor from October 2011 – September 2013. During this transition, a new Constitution and Bylaws Committee as well as a new Pulpit Search Committee were both activated on behalf of the membership. The Constitution and Bylaws Committee would serve the membership to update our Constitution and Bylaws. The Pulpit Search Committee would serve the membership to once again locate a new Pastor for Beulah. Both the Constitution and Bylaws Committee and Pulpit Search Committee worked tirelessly during these processes. They kept the members informed and engaged all during the process with the appropriate updates and meetings.

In September 2013, Beulah called Reverend Phillip T. Deal as Pastor-Elect. On Sunday, October 6, 2013, Reverend Phillip T. Deal became the fifth Pastor in our 98 year history and He was officially installed as the fifth Pastor on Sunday, December 1, 2013. Pastor Deal has a passion to grow and empower Church and Organizational Leadership.  Under his leadership, six ministries have been added to our service areas.  Small group Discipleship Studies has been implemented, and in July 2015, the first Leadership Training class was installed to include one Deacon, three Deaconess, and six trustees.  Pastor Deal has also played an integral part in our 100th Church Anniversary by structuring and organizing the Legacy Campaign to raise funds in an effort to accomplish building improvements. Most importantly, under his 2 year tutelage at Beulah, more than 150 individuals have surrendered their life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.